Really Bad Pictures of Some Really Nice Animals

Posted: September 20, 2013 at 9:21 pm

I am a horrible photographer but I took pictures of all the new animals since Jenn and her camera are not available

 photo 528d1e8e-55e2-41df-a20b-f3c7100e6030_zps031290ec.jpg

I forgot her name. Okay I forgot all the cats’ names. (wanda)

 photo dbd2c358-22b3-4e47-ad4f-365eaf2c1d21_zps6fc88abd.jpg
I think this is Wanda (no..this is Martha)

 photo c9cf5c1d-85b8-4737-834a-54d8985062d9_zpsfbf1573c.jpg
 photo 0c2b8a16-1d6d-4bd1-ade9-b44f7019b2dc_zpsc806c915.jpg
Passat and Orion. Which one is which is a mystery. (Passat is black, orion is liliac point)

 photo 0fbb3bdd-6d1f-4d95-a0dd-bf05c7871840_zps8f9b03e6.jpg
 photo ad077cca-f70e-46c8-8662-c5d6b533162f_zps472656b4.jpg
Riley and Capone. Again which is which is a mystery (this one is right..riley #1, capone #2)

 photo 1db9729d-c7f0-46b6-99e2-2770140aab6a_zpse5381074.jpg
Gertie (or Gerty)

 photo ea859385-f404-4064-840f-da10f556746b_zps3c8c2859.jpg

 photo 26b4973d-6e1f-45f0-b589-dd83f33b2ae0_zpsae621440.jpg
And last but never least … Lance… This old guy jumps fences… really!

13 Comments on "Really Bad Pictures of Some Really Nice Animals"

  • Brenda Mc says

    Really nice pictures Sheila, thank you – Glad to see a pic of Fernando too.

  • roff says

    Nice photos, thanks.

    Has Lance shown any signs of chilling?

    Fernando is a philosopher!

  • Carol says

    I edited this and corrected the names.

  • Ellen Nickerson says

    Fernando is beautiful.So are all the others.

  • Penny says

    Fernando is so adorable – what a sweet face!! And Wanda is a really sweet cat – who knows what she went through living on the street, but she still loves people and is so affectionate.

  • Carol says

    hi roff, re lance.
    he has settled to some extent. when he is outside with me and his buddies…the dog glows with happiness. when he is inside with his buddies and I am in sight, he is relaxed and content. but when the other dogs are out or I am away from the house, his anxiety is still very high.
    he is probably one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever met which may well be his biggest problem.

  • Lenore Henry says

    Great pictures Sheila – you captured the beauty in their eyes.

    Lenore Henry

  • Carol Ann says

    Oh Oh I think I am in love with Fernando

  • Leila says

    Not that Lance looks anything like Patrick but he has a Patty look about him (who used to jump 6 ft. fences in younger days hence our 8′ ft fences but gave up on it by 10 yrs what is wrong with Lance?). That Patty look tells me that Lance has a mind of his own. Hopefully he will not be a defiant little so and so like Patty.

  • janet nicholson says

    Sheila – wonderful photos – thank you – I was most pleased to see Riley and Capone – they are both such beauties!

  • Carol says

    lance is not the least bit defiant, he just thinks he will do what he feels, unless I am on hand to tell him no.
    when I am with him, he is a super good dog.

  • Shelley says

    omg. Fernando. Want.

    Can’t have.


  • Bridget says

    i can see why you really like Lance.
    i do, too. like a silver Superhero. he reminds me of our Remmy. maybe they had the same mum!

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