Posted: September 23, 2013 at 10:28 am

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A solid gold heart… stopped beating last night

God saw he was tired, and showed him the light.

All that he taught us, remains left behind

He was a rare gift, truly one of  kind.

He arrived in the spring,  a child’s cast-off

He’d been passed around, I’m sure he felt lost.

He made some new friends, a pig & some sheep

We gave him our hearts, forever to keep.

As months turned to years, we became best of friends

We all vowed to love him, right up to the end.

There’s hurt in our hearts and tears in our eyes

He slipped through that door, no chance for good-byes.

A solid gold heart….. walked into the light

Much love went with him , our Shining White Knight.

For Gideon

I am so sad

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