sleeping beauty…not.

Posted: October 16, 2013 at 6:18 am

Another not great night…was suddenly wide awake at midnight with my mind whirling away in high speed. saints is driving me crazy…too many things to think about.

what I don’t get is…why is it so much easier to sleep just before the alarm goes off when designated rest time has run out??

pisses me off.

I have one more week of holidays left…I try if I can to take time off around Halloween because of the firework fears of some of the dogs…keeps me awake and busy for several nights…more disrupted sleep. I was hoping to have saints staffing issues settled by then, but not likely because nothing is ever simple and easy.

oh well, it is what it is and what will be, will be….eventually.

owen had a better night…I gave him a small dose of gravol at bedtime.

pepper got to sleep in my room because he wasn’t being a dick-head. but I don’t think roxy likes or trusts him much since she never came up on the bed. I am going to watch the two of them more closely..i think there may be a problem there.

chloe looks so good lately…knock on wood.

ebony however is sick again…she is a chronic URI cat and I let her run out of Zithromax (she is on it once or twice a week depending..long term.) I absolutely have got to get to pharmacy on my lunch break today and refill that Rx.

well..I guess I better get my butt into work and get dressed.

I am pretty sure you look like how you sleep and my sleep patterns suck.





4 Comments on "sleeping beauty…not."

  • Bridget says

    i think you must have picked up on Mum’s emotions last night.

    i’m taking our Billy to the vet today- his tummy is really upset. she’s been up half the night holding him and worrying.

  • shelagh f says

    carol, if you weren’t kept awake by the animals, you
    wouldn’t be sleeping anyway. The first rule of the peri menopausal time of life is thou shalt not sleep, except
    for right before the alarm goes off.

    Also, you are probably like me, I do my best worrying
    between 0200 and 0400

  • Ryan says

    Hi, Carol how are you doing i am done with the golf course in two weeks so if you need someone to step in and help let me know. phone number is 778-982-0359

  • Carol says

    hey ryan..good to know! I called your cell voice mail. give me a call to discuss when you have a chance..we will need some extra help one full day a week for the next 4-6 weeks I think.

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