chewie was euthanized today.

Posted: October 19, 2013 at 12:23 pm

he was hungry, but no longer able to swallow..the tumor grew too big.

he passed very peacefully.

chewie got what he needed in his last days…good drugs to keep him comfortable, warm and soft beds. he had gentle hands and hearts surrounding him and we gave him what he needed the most..the realization that he had value and was important in this world.

rest in peace chewie, you were a good dog and you were loved.

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13 Comments on "chewie was euthanized today."

  • Mo says

    Nice nice dog..too bad he didnt find us sooner. RIP Sweet handsome Chewie you will be remembered.

  • Jan says

    Sorry to read your news about Chewie, RIP little man….xx

  • lynne says

    you were a beautiful boy and im glad u came to saints i am so sorry you did not have more of a chance. but carols right, the gentle hands the good food the love you got was probably nore than you ever had in your entire life. rip short time here but you will be remembered. so so sorry carol.

  • Lenore Henry says

    So thankful for Saints for showing Chewie dignity while in your care – you are all wonderful and he knew that he was loved – finally. RIP sweet boy.

  • Kim says

    So sorry, RIP Chewy…

    Carol–Brad & I are coming, probably be there around 3pm, hope that’s ok (regarding email I sent you this morning)

  • Maggie says


  • Carol says

    its fine kim..I just woke up from a quick nap.

  • Cam says

    awww, RIP Chewie

  • Maryk says

    Awww, Chewie….. How sad. But he was loved, even if it was for a little while. Godspeed.

  • Colin says

    I sae his photo and was really hoping he would get a little more time at Saints. I am so sorry Carol, he looked like an absolute sweetheart of a boy.

  • AnnC says

    So sad, sweet dreams Chewie you were a sweetie.

  • Bridget says

    awwww…. dear old Chewie. <3<3 sweet ol' guy.

  • janet nicholson says

    So sorry on the loss of Chewie – but he was loved and warm and felt loving hands on him – and I am sure he appreciated all of it.

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