last night sucked…

Posted: October 28, 2013 at 7:38 am

it was after 1pm before I got any sleep and then it was off and on depending on gusting winds and branches and shit flying, banging, cracking around and hitting the actual building.
phoebe is the absolute worst in stormy weather…with roxy, buddy, Fernando, benny and daphne coming in not too far behind.

I haven’t gone out to check on the damage…so far what I can see from the house is planters and lawn chairs tossed all around and the one of the pop up shade shelters ripped to shit and hanging across our 8 foot chain link fence. I will check for downed fences and trees later.
sigh..every year I say we will get the shade shelters down before they get destroyed by the weather and every year I don’t get on it soon enough…one of these freaking years I will learn.
anyway..thank god for the 8 foot fence that caught it before it went sailing into the riding ring…one of the cows might have gotten tangled in it and hurt.

I was hoping not to be so freaking tired today…I guess that hope got blown to shit in the wind.

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