xmas in october.

Posted: October 30, 2013 at 7:35 am

we had a super nice visitor yesterday…brought us a ton of stuff off our wish list plus a nice financial donation as well. kindhearted, generous, animal loving and a nurse..of course I gave her a tour. she loved all of the animals, she really liked saints and the tour went great….
crazy horse bit santa.

really? really roxie? you just had to make such a nice lady bleed???
this lady was so nice, she kept apologising to me!!!

it happened too fast to stop it, she reached down to stop the little ones from escaping out the bedroom door, and roxie was at the head of the line, right at the door. I felt the words of panicked danger working their way up my throat. but roxie was much faster than mere words…speed of sound lost big time to crazy horse speed of light.

my fault entirely..i am still a bit sick and not on the top of my game.

still…..honestly roxie…you really need to learn the difference between good and bad guys. you just bit a hand that fed you today….very bad dog.

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  • Mo says

    Yea for Santa’s in October !!!! We have no bad people come through SAINTs so poor Roxie is getting her bite quota wherever she can.. I for one am pretty careful when I am in there giving pets & treats…she gets treats & we skip the pets πŸ™‚

    BTW – I peeked at our Wishlist …are you aware of the contact number on there ? Hmmmmm

  • Fiona says

    Where is the wish list?

  • Carol says

    oh shit..Nicole..that number has to come off..no wonder the phone still rings all of the time!

  • Mo says

    Fiona.. It is behind the link ” Helping SAINTS “…

  • Fiona says

    Thanks Mo, I see it now.

  • Janey says

    Bad dog indeed! Biting the hand that helps feed!

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