runners up

Posted: November 22, 2013 at 5:43 pm

I rushed home from work..grabbed my personal laundry (cuz I have no clean work clothes left and still have 2 shifts to go!) zipped down to the laundrymat, cut my hand open on the germ covered public washing machine, ran back up to the office, had one of the nice nurses, clean and steristrip it closed, ran over to the grocery store, bought more roast chicken for daphne and tina, filled up the car with gas so I can get into maple ridge for work tomorrow,  rushed back to the laundrymat and hauled out my wet clean clothes, came home, shut down the mp room for the night, threw my laundry into the dryer…

and I did this all in about one hour while making three phone calls..speedy Gonzales here!

I just want to say two things…if I eventually die of some kind of alphabetized hepatitis..someone remind me  how and when I got it to begin with and a laundry basket of wet clean clothes is far heavier than a laundry basket filled with dry dirty clothes..esp. with a cut hand!

quick news…

cc went home with erin on a foster trial..yay cc, yay erin..hope it works out well for both.

the heavy equipment arrives on Monday and septic replacement begins on will be about a week to complete.

I made an appointment for chance on Monday and now I am not going to even think about it again until I have to.

daphne has slipped a bit again in the past couple of days.

luke is being pretty cooperative with our limited bed time engagement..he has stopped fussing at me thru the gate and just waits until it is time and when I ask him to go back into the big dog room in the mornings, he cooperatively (but reluctantly) complies.

jenn’s foster bru was in at the vets with a platelet count of 3..yes I said 3. he had an ultrasound and he has some liver and spleen enlargement but no obvious tumors. he was started on steroids and I talked to jiv this morning and bru is perking up nicely..may be an underlying cancer, hopefully tho it was caused by some kind of autoimmune disease.

I think the secret to surviving in rescue, esp. when the going gets tough…is to view it the way a marathon runner might. the reward is not so much in the pain of the moments…it is in actually crossing the finish line….alive.

hope floating that our finish line for this particular marathon is just around the very next corner, before I crap out and die.

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  • penny says

    Carol, the end is in sight, only a week or so to go and hopefully no more night time trips with your flashlight down the driveway to the porta potty. Was thinking about you the last couple of days – you must be freezing your b*** off out there, it’s so darn cold!!!! And big Yaaaay for Erin & CC – so hope it works out.

  • Barb H says

    I’m exhausted just reading this blog, let alone living it. Glad your porta potty finish line is nearing…at least that’s one good thing about working so many shifts, flush toilets.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Wonderful news for CC and Erin. I so hope that it works. CC is one of the cutest dogs ever.

  • lynne says

    was at erins house this afternoon. cc is fitting in perfectly, like she was always there. so glad for her and erin, she is a real sweetie. thanks erin for giving her a new start she is a great little dog.

  • Debra now in Malaysia says

    So sorry about your cut hand. Ouch!!
    And, so happy to hear Bout CC. My daughter and mines favorite dog there. We just love her. Hope it works out great for cc and Erin .

  • laura says

    love you my little boy Chance… r such a sweetie whom I think is the cutest little monster there is!! yippee for cc & erin!! hi debra, glad u and your daughter can stay in touch in Malaysia thru the blog

  • Debra now in Malaysia says

    Thanks Laura ! I LOVE reading the blog, but sure miss all the four legged kids there

  • Carol Ann says

    Wonderful news Erin and poor little Chance –he is the cutest little guy.

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