extra, extra….super-sized help needed on sunday…

Posted: November 26, 2013 at 7:08 am

the barn guys will have to stay off the upper field until we fence around the new septic field area…the septic guys are going to pound in fence posts for us (they are very kindly providing the posts and pounding at no extra charge!) but we will need to finish it off from there. we are also really short of money and are scraping the bottom of the barrel around here to come up with the 30% deposit so the septic guys could get started (the funding has not arrived yet.)

the long and the short of it is we do not have the money to finish off that fencing properly right now and the barn guys HAVE to come up from the bottom field asap because of the risk of injury down there with the ice.

anyway..we can come up with the money and swing for some temporary plastic snow fencing to string along the posts for now so we can get the big guys up from down below AND keep them off the new septic field until we do have some money to finish the fencing off properly BUT I am not here on sunday to do this…I am working and the volunteers already here will be busy doing their normal volunteer thing.

can anyone extra come and help?>…those rolls of snow fencing are heavy so I think at least two people with  decent physical strength will be needed and if 4 extra folks came..well?…it would be a quick and easy job for everyone involved.

hope is floating for this.

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  • Ali says

    My hubby can help Sunday – just let me know what time.

  • ryan says

    I can come up and help on sunday just let me know what time

  • Mo says

    If its alright with Carol..8 30 would be great..it may even be completed by the time we need to turn out..if not 8 30..9 I am sure would be fine..Carol..what say you ?

  • shawn says

    If you need some extra help on Sunday, Kevin and I could help as long as you tell us what to do….

  • Carol says

    fine with me mo 830 it is

  • Mo says

    Ok For anyone who can help..meet me parking area by Memorial garden at 8 30. . Carol call u later re tools required..staple guns with 1/2 inch staples i think will work best. Perhaps a few can be borrowed ?

  • Shawn says

    We only have an electric staple gun…not much help in the field lol

  • Kevin B says

    I’ll be in on Sunday to help out. It will be nice to meet some of the great volunteers you guys have

  • Mo says

    Yea .. Thanks alot Kevin ( x 2 ), Ryan & Ali husband, with many hands it should be a piece of cake . Do any of you have a staple gun that we can use ? If not I will ask around to my friends & ensure we have a couple.

  • Ali says

    We have one and will bring it

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