gatekeeping: the final chapter

Posted: December 18, 2013 at 10:30 pm

(I hear those sighs of relief!)

so what does it take to be a rescue gatekeeper…

you might be surprised.

it does not require a saint, hero or a martyr. it does not require any real special talents. good looks, stylish dressing, a PhD, artistic or musical ability is not mandatory (good thing for me!)

it is a simple and basic recipe available in each and every one of us.

the ability to take life with a grain of salt.

the courage to be real.

the willingness to both laugh and cry….a lot.

a finely tuned internal and external antenna.

a good set of proverbial ear plugs.

toss in a pinch of patience, a bit of faith, some good old fashioned common sense, a dollop of real..(not half assed) commitment and mix it all up in an open mind with a deep love and respect for all other species.

soak it with well travelled thoughtful waters

and poof…a new gatekeeper appears.

try is a good, tried and true recipe for rescue and then come and see me cuz I know of a great future gatekeeping opportunity!

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