daisy was euthanized.

Posted: December 21, 2013 at 5:36 pm

I had forgotten that the vet thought she possibly had lymphoma, they reminded me today when we saw the fluid accumulation in her abdomen. I guess that is why she never bounced back after that virus. it was most likely the last straw for a little old homeless cat hanging by a thread. her last 12 hours were peaceful and quiet, I decided not to force feed or stick her with needles to run more fluids thru. I spent the time instead brushing and stroking her, telling daisy she was a very good cat. she purred, she slept, she looked comfortable.

I took her into the clinic first thing this morning. she passed peacefully and quietly and now she is free.

rest in peace daisy, sweet thing.

6 Comments on "daisy was euthanized."

  • erin says

    Probably the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. I wish we could’ve done better daisy, from the beginning.

  • shelagh f says

    oh dear, she did look pretty tough the other day.
    At least she had a peaceful end to her life.

  • Maggie says

    Bless you, Daisy

  • Carol says

    All of the people who had the privilege to know Daisy are shedding tears tonight. She was a lovely, sweet girl. I will miss thinking about her, being happy in a warm, safe place with loving people around her. Thank you for looking after her.

  • lynne says

    i am so sorry for yet another loss carol. what a year. i really just wanted to wish everyone a healthy happy new year and special hugs to all the animals at saints. i am going up to fraser lake today for a week to spend christmas with my son and family so wont be at saints for awhile wish i could be there christmas morning, it will be weird not to be. my best wishes to all the staff, volunteers carol and her family and especially the wonderful animals at saints. so glad you all came into my life. jelly sends her love also.

  • AnnC says

    Hugs to you Carol…….. sweet dreams Daisy.

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