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Posted: January 7, 2014 at 1:33 pm

Emily and charlotte have ringworm which is not surprizing considering all of the wet and dirt from the deep excavations out in the barn areas recently.

the protocol to prevent the spread to other animals and people is wash your hands in between touching animals, change and wash your clothes as soon as you get home and shower every day with nizorol shampoo as a hair and body wash.

nizorol can be purchased at any drug store for about $16 a bottle or from Costco for $16 for 2 bottles. I will pick up some extras for anyone who needs it but would find it a financial burden to purchase.

the ringworm fungus lives in wet soil but its greatest transmission is from people spreading it around. lets take extra care to not spread it around….all of us need to be careful not to be taking the spores to and fro.

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  • Bunny Horne says

    Pretty sure I didn’t wash my hands between touching any of the barn guys as I don’t happen to carry hand sanitizer with me when I’m working. I did use wipes before leaving Saints – don’t know if that’s sufficient before making the 86km trek home. I know for a fact I did massage Charlotte, touched Chewie, Chevy, Ziggy, Gilbert and Brad. I hope they are okay.
    How would a person know if they have any signs of it? Just wondered.

  • shelagh f says

    its round, red itchy patches on you skin. Probably
    mostly on arms or hands, from contact. If you get
    it, as long as you are treated, and keep the area
    covered, you shouldn’t be contagious to others. I
    had a foster cat with it years ago, I was the only
    one that got it, because I had to bath the cat, and
    I did not give it to anyone else, people or pets.
    (no the cat did not like the baths)

  • Carla says

    When i was in Texas they had me use Tinactin (foot product). Just a thought.

  • Carol says

    just start showering with nizorol shampoo bunny..if you picked anything up, it will take care of it…it is an antifungal.

    tinactin is useless as a treatment… the nizorol is a precautionary measure to prevent infection.

    and everyone should get into the habit of washing hands in between animals at all times, even when nothing is going on around here..i will put more hand santitizer out in all areas for folks to easily find and use.

  • Ali says

    Nizoral or Nizorol? Is it the shampoo that is sold with the dandruff shampoos or do we get it from the pharmacist? I’d ask the pharmacist but there’s 10 people waiting to talk to them 🙂

  • erin says

    Nizoral Ali, it’ll be with the dandruff shampoo, it’s just an anti fungal, shouldn’t be hard to find

  • Ali says

    Thx Erin 🙂

  • bunny says

    Thank you for all the information. I will bring my Costco bucket of sanitizer with us going forward. Will grab Nizorsl as well.

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