you gotta watch this…addy posted it on our facebook page!

Posted: January 10, 2014 at 5:37 pm

6 Comments on "you gotta watch this…addy posted it on our facebook page!"

  • penny says

    This was on CTV News tonight, under “What’s Trending” – so funny!!

  • Sheila says

    But why did they leave the oven on when they weren’t home.

  • Leila says

    I pretty sure the toaster oven was not on. The dog isn’t stupid. It was turned off but still warm. You can tell by the way the dog throws the first nugget on the floor and the way he eats the others that they are still very warm. Who says non human animals don’t plan out a strategy.

  • lynne says

    copper could have run circles around that dog lol

  • AnnC says

    That’s one smart dog! Hey Carol maybe you can get him to come over and give Darby some pointers?

  • Bridget says

    ~is Addy~
    i couldn’t resist.
    i wonder what they did to keep the fridge door closed? maybe it’s one of those extra heavy doors they have now. i can barely open ours at times. true, beagles ARE more determined.

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