Posted: January 13, 2014 at 7:04 pm

so while luna is loathe to let me touch her, she was willing to eat my spaghetti dinner off of a fork. that’s a good start.

salty really wants to come into my room but he can’t because he is not neutered and luna is not spayed.

last thing I want is kelpie/rat terrier puppies terrorizing this place.

salty goes in tomorrow for his vet check…hopefully his neuter can be done soon because luna is going to have to wait until she trusts me enough to put my hands on her.

we are officially full…2 more dogs are coming in this week and then all gates are locked and closed for all animal species for awhile.

Sylvester was adopted today, this was the home that was wanting to adopt wanda but sadly she passed away,

erin has done a great happy tails video for some of our guys lucky enough to find permanent or foster homes. quite a few have already passed away in those homes but it was great that they found families before their end.

here is the link.

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  • penny says

    SO happy for Sylvester. Such a sweet, loving cat who desperately needed his own person to love him back.

  • Shelley says

    Hi Everyone… hope you don’t mind me posting this fellow who’s been at the Vancouver Pound for quite awhile with zero interest… sweet, senior pittie-boy named Tilt:

  • shelagh f says

    wouldn’t those be busy puppies? Hope Luna settles
    a bit, not that I know her at all, but we did chat
    for a couple of hours today, well unlike Teddy, I did
    all the talking. Please be good, Luna

  • Curt says

    nice shot of Carol at the end, Question, is Sebastian still fostered or has he passed?

  • Lenore Henry says

    Thanks for the very touching video Erin – you did a great job!

  • May says

    AB has a pitbull rescue, Pitbulls for Life ( Not sure if they can help Tilt at the Vancouver pound but might be worth checking.

  • Maggie says

    Beautiful, Erin. Thank so much.

  • laura says

    Happy Endings are awesome!!! It sure brought back memories of so many Saints that have passed thru our gates….thanks Erin 🙂

  • Mo says

    Whaaaa I can’t watch it on my phone … and work computer has so much security I can’t view it here either. I really need a new home computer…*sigh*

  • Carly says

    Beautiful video 🙂

  • lynne says

    that was a great video erin and the music to it was so appropriate and beautiful. so many animals wow

  • erin says

    thanks guys. i must say tho, i had alot of issues with this movie so if you have a saint at home that didnt get into this movie, im really sorry. please dont be offended, it doesnt mean your saint has been forgotten! theres quite a few that i meant to include but my program kept corrupting photobucket pictures and deleting the project, and after 4 different attempts this is the best i could do, and it too nearly hit the recycle bin.

  • Shawn says

    Thank you Erin. You did a great job remembering the Saints who found a new home….

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