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Posted: February 23, 2014 at 5:33 pm

I am pretty sure that damn retired police dog did NOT get fed with a spoon when he was in service. we switched him to bison and venison food due to his allergies…bought one bag and one case (and that stuff is freaking expensive) for a trial. he ate it fine and his skin seems a bit better now too. the first bag and case is gone so off I hike and buy 4 big bags and 2 and a half cases and bring it home (we are talking almost $400 here!) and Pac says.. oh no..i do not think I like that food anymore, I would rather play with my ball. I grab a spoon and I spoon feed him to his delight and he ate it just fine, he even licked out the bowl when he was done. so who told that damn dog that we occasionally spoon feed dogs is what I want to know because somehow he has figured this out!

loonie-toons opened an unlocked window and climbed out tonight. she was in a hurry to get going on the snowy evening dog run. benny was making snow angels and then he decided to pop over to the mp building for dinner. michelle was surprised when I said it was time to take him home…she said..what? doesn’t he live over here?…he sure looked like he did! and thx to michelle and chris for getting the barn guys to bed so I could finish off that room! I got the first cleaning done..it needs a couple of more…windows, fireplace, baseboards et el…BUT…not tonight!~maybe tomorrow.

I think everyone had a pretty good day…snow days are fun for the dogs. when chris went to bring gerty in tho…she was covered in frozen snow balls…oh yay…. bet she melts on my bed.


I think that’s it at least for now…everyone at saints tonight is ok.

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  • Ali says

    Lola had a great day in the snow, she LOVES it. I was surprised she had the desire for another walk before we left for the day. Pepper was a giant snow ball too.

  • Carla says

    i am still laughing about spoon feeding.

  • CC says

    Even Max got to experience the snow a little.

  • Mo says

    Lola truly was in her glory today..at one point i looked outside the barn and she was laying in the snow and looked like she was sun tanning..her head was tilted upwards and i swear she was smiling..Darby was a hoot today ..he actually came and solicited pets and kisses on sevaral occasions….Snow it brings out the adventure in all beings 🙂

  • shelagh f says

    will get up as soon as I can with canned dog food.
    Not the good stuff of course, just the regular, and
    apples if they have them, I have to pick them up on
    the way.

  • Dionne says

    it was Pepper…he likes to be spoon fed.

  • shawn says

    Upon Carol’s request to get Pac to finish his breakie, I too spoon fed him. Yes, he ate from a spoon and then licked the bowl. I think he likes being spoiled just a little!

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