winning is everything…

Posted: February 25, 2014 at 7:08 am

is it?

I think what disturbed me the most about that blog post below was not so much rescue’s utterly vicious gang up on that poor vet because thoughtless and mindless mob behavior does run rampant in the very lowest levels of was that they cheered on the websites when she died! that was how badly those sub-human, morally corrupt people in rescue needed to win.

no remorse? no holy-shit soul deep regrets that their horrible behavior caused unpardonable and irredeemable harm to another? now there are the true zombies of the 20th century…heart, soul, and mindlessly vacant losers finally scoring a big win.

I would rather be a forever loser than win at something so dirty and foul.

2 Comments on "winning is everything…"

  • Ali says

    This is sick and sad on so many levels. Sadly until laws are in place to hold these people accountable for their actions the cyber bullying will not stop. What’s worse is these are ADULTS. Normally the horrible cases we hear about are children. Shame on them all. RIP Shirley.

  • Shelley says

    I looked at their facebook page. They are remorseless. What a terrifying example of a modern day witchhunt. However, it would not surprise me if this winds up in the courts somehow.

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