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Posted: March 9, 2014 at 2:27 pm

Here are the new baby chickens, growing fast
 photo 10003527_713421932014070_1096646103_n.jpg

China came to saints a few weeks ago, but for those that haven’t seen her photos on our facebook page here she is – such a beauty.
 photo 1901451_710333905656206_772401637_n.jpg

And here is Pac, making himself right at home
 photo 1924784_707064332649830_6630671_n.jpg

so photogenic
 photo 1800409_710333908989539_355706145_n.jpg

Max cat is feeling better
 photo 1948031_713423175347279_1733843719_n.jpg

Teddy is doing better too
 photo 1013306_707064705983126_99080051_n.jpg

Rose is still waiting to get out of her xpen cage
 photo 1898118_713423328680597_1277211844_n.jpg

Bobbi seems to be doing well out and about with the general cat population in the MP building. She sure loved to play
 photo 1497594_713421832014080_552446558_n.jpg

Carl was not enjoying the snow two weekends ago …
 photo 1619470_707063155983281_236319001_n.jpg

The cows were making the most of it … LOVE!
 photo 1925024_707063145983282_362181520_n.jpg

and here is Ellie the pink pig princess spending a rainy day yesterday in bed … must be having a great dream look at that smile.
 photo 1896762_713422222014041_1063372763_n.jpg

5 Comments on "Photo Post"

  • Brenda says

    I love it when you post photos Jenn – all are really nice – esp. the ones of Pac – and that’s a nice pic of Teddy too. Thanks

  • May says

    Love the pictures, especially the old, grizzled dogs…and Pac too. I love, love, love old dogs. (I have a 16 1/2 year old beagle.)

  • penny says

    I love Rosie – she has such an expressive face. She’s too young to be in a senior animal center, she needs her own home. Anyone??!!! Bobbie is a total sweetheart, as well. He has such a sad story – but now seems so happy to be safe, loved and well-fed.

  • penny says

    Whoops – Bobbi is a girl!!

  • Lenore Henry says

    Beautiful photos, as always…

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