Posted: March 15, 2014 at 5:22 pm


if I have it all right from today…

one of the budgies got loose..one of our new and young volunteers didn’t know how to use the feeder doors of the cage I bet! anyway, jack was recaptured and is safe and sound. maybe for future safety, only experienced volunteers should be tending the birds.

darby was puking today plus he pinned down luke, luke went after pac but pac ignored the little beagle beast, pepper was limping and then he bit ali when she touched his hind end.

apparently luna can unlock and open the dog room windows so she can fly out them at will. and she can soar over the 6 ft fences too. when I got home she was out and flying about back and forth like a Mexican jumping bean. the front barn doors were open and I was pretty sure I was going to find some badly injured or dead sheep but luckily they were all ok. she must have just been ping ponging around in fun instead of up to evil doer deeds.

in any case…luna opening locked windows to jump around here at will is a safety concern. there is no way to lock them better and she has a history of chewing holes in herself if she is crated…I don’t want a really upset self mutilated dog…hmmm…what to do…what to do??

pac went to work again with me this afternoon…he really seems to enjoy this plus he likes going for car rides.

tristie looks much better today. I stopped on the way home and bought her some more milk and canned tuna….she likes both quite a lot and it has helped get her thru the past couple of not feeling well days.
nacho smells a little less badly today. Johanna’s chihauhua’s are coming for a visit again tomorrow and I already set up their little pen.

and I am soaking wet from a freaking gross and wet barn bed time so I want a quick dinner, then a hot bath and finally a warm and soft bed.

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  • Curt says

    Good to hear Tristie is doing better

  • Ali says

    It was jazzy that had Luke pinned, not darb.

  • Brenda says

    For now, maybe just duct tape the windows shut – (not over the lock, but along the window ledges where they meet -she’d really have to work at them. Anyway, just a quick, easy thing to try – (at least to keep her in while no one is at the house) Do you have some duct tape? – or if you don’t need the windows wide open, you can nail a block of wood on the outside of the window to stop it from opening too wide. Some food for thought!

  • Carol says

    ok jazz..no big surprise…she is such a little hag-et.

  • Carol says

    there is duct tape around here somewhere.

  • Tammy says

    Pepper’s been alittle out of sorts lately. Sucks you in with the tail and body wag wanting some pets then when you get close enough he attempts to take you out.

  • suzanne says

    assuming you have sash windows: can you put baby pressure-type gates inside the windows or would luna simply rip them out? also you can buy iron security bars/grates for windows that are hinged and permanently installed. you can also have metal prongs/pegs put in the sides of your windows that are spring-loaded to shoot into holes in the window frame at the height of your choice. they have a thumb release on the inside of the window so you can open and close it at will..

  • CC says

    Luna bounces in and out of the barn area when im working there and she s had opportunities when alone but just sniffs around. She s an actual flying dog!

  • Dionne says

    there was diarrhea in the office thurs/ friday morning as well. wasn’t sure who it was, now thinking it was Darby. Hope he is ok.

  • Bridget says

    Loony Luna.
    shame she couldn’t be a working dog in the way Pac was. she’s a goof, yet smart as a whip.
    i bet she’d love a trampoline!

  • Fiona says

    I watched Luna clear the gate between the barn and shaving shed heading into the lower field. She did this from a stand still!!!

  • Cam says

    omg Luna…what the hell??

  • Carol says

    oh yeah cam…she is quite the inventive and bouncy girl. lucky she is so freaking cute..i am thinking of grounding her feet by sticking fly paper to her!

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