another arghhh!

Posted: March 27, 2014 at 6:31 am

I think I maybe picked up that virus that is sweeping thru work. please god no! my vacation starts in 2 more days and I don’t want to be sick!!!
maybe I am imagining it..maybe, maybe….i sure hope so.

I took pac for his last swim with us last night. I arranged with kendall to bill us for a biweekly swims over the next three months to build his back strength up a bit more, but I will miss seeing his pure joy while he swims. he has so much fun!

desi is home from the vets..waiting for blood work results. the vet thinks she is closer to 17 than 13..that was a bit of a shock.

vern is basically finished the reno’s and paid up to date. he is giving us 2 full free days of labor today and tomorrow for anything else we need to get done…I think that is extremely nice of him!

oliver sucks with cats, this is a drag. I will have to move him over to the mp room once pac goes home.

scratch went in for a quick check before his move to foster this weekend. everything looks good and he got all of his meds renewed.

I think that is all of the updates so I better get my butt into work.

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