saints welcomes dalton

Posted: June 27, 2014 at 6:08 pm

dalton survived his surgery..should be coming home tomorrow.

you have to understand that dalton is a 6 yr old rhodesian ridgeback and they are big strong dogs but he could well have died from something as simple as a flea/parasite infestation and an ear infection.
huh? yes thats right. because even big strong dogs can’t withstand the feeding of thousands of fleas and parasites on his blood..he was starving to death while they were feasting. and while the nutrients were being sucked from his body, his immune system could not deal with his infected ear. he has had surgery to clean up the ear and has been given meds to knock off the fleas and the worms. he will be on frequent feedings, antibiotics, pain meds and vitamins to build himself back up to what he should be had he been cared for properly…a young and healthy dog.

he has a lot of weight to gain back. he has a lot of muscle wasting to work thru, he will be anemic for quite a while until his blood can build back up his reserves.

huge thx to hillndale animal hospital for helping him when he needed help the most.

i met him today at the clinic…a very sweet and gentle dog.

4 Comments on "saints welcomes dalton"

  • shelagh f says

    we had a ridgeback, and she was a lovely dog, the biggest couch
    potato that you would ever meet. They were originally used in
    Africa to keep the lions away from the livestock. In the 9 years
    we had her, before we had to put her down, we never had one lion
    come any where near our yard. I am looking forward to meet
    meeting Dalton. Sounds like he has had a rough time of it.

  • Ali says

    Glad to read Dalton made it through.
    I’m dying to know how Roxy is making out???

  • Curt says

    That’s funny Shelagh (Never had one lion near yard) got a chuckle from that

  • Penny says

    Hey Shawn – great photo of you and Rudy in the Mission Record!!

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