ok..here is a fun freebie for everyone…

Posted: July 21, 2014 at 7:52 pm

we have a new sheep coming in on friday..she is an adult 10 yr old ewe. she currently does not have a name.

the bidding got pretty high on the babies naming contest so a lot of folks did not get a chance to participate.

here is your chance…toss out your best names below in the comments, we will pick the 10 best and let everyone vote.

can one of the admins post this over for the facebook folks please and thx.

27 Comments on "ok..here is a fun freebie for everyone…"

  • Shawn says

    I will put the names “Merona” or “Harmony” out there

  • Penny says

    What about Eunice – spelt Ewenice! Stop groaning everyone….

  • Curt says

    GEEZ…. Penny. Not A Groan :=)

  • Carol says

    lol…first sheep i ever rescued was named eunice…second one was baa-bara..(this was a long time ago. before saints)

  • Meaghan says

    Melody or Wyllow!

  • Donna Brearley says

    I think the name Ashley would be nice. It is regal and befitting to an ewe who didn’t have the life most of us would want for her. Ash could be used as a shorter version of her name.

  • laura b says

    I like the idea of a women’s name as in past Caroline, Elizabeth…present Annie, Dolly and Elvira…..so I suggest BETTY and could be emphasized as Baaaatty 🙂

  • Erin says

    Alice. As in wonderland. If you told her today where she was moving to she would likely think you were on mushrooms. No such place she would say. Hope she is as easy to get here as Dolly was.

  • Vicky Rokstad says


  • suzanne says

    I’ve always liked Melora. Her nick-name could be Melly

  • laura b says

    A take on Erin’s theme of there is no place like it,,,,,,DOROTHY “there’s no place like Saints”

  • Marianne says

    How about naming her after a great Canadian author: Margaret Atwool… 🙂

  • Cricket says

    I vote for Alice!

  • Tammy says

    How about Mary

  • Tammy says

    Maria, Sandy or Rizzo are also great names from some strong characters

  • cheryl says

    How about Shari after Shari Lewis, the most famous sheep (lamb) Mother of our generation (for those of us of that certain age) ’cause I know Carol wouldn’t go for Lambchop because it’s a food!

  • Judy says

    I knew a sheep once named ” Naaancy”
    It fit her quite well, and she answered to it sometimes:)

  • Kate says

    I gotta go with Ewenice. That is AWESOME!

  • Elisabeth says

    I vote for Ewenice or Maggie Atwool

  • Sharon says

    All good names! I came up with Flossy and Flo for short.

  • Loree says

    I vote for Ewenice…..really like that. Or ‘Mary’, who once had a little lamb…… : )

  • Carol says

    mary and ewenice wont make it to the final vote list because we already had sheep by those names….many times we have double..quintupled named animals…how many murphys…olivers…have we had over the years….i bet 10. but that is because they come in with their own name already and we do not want to take it away if we do not have to. we never actually name anyone oliver or murphy.
    we try not to double name the nameless ones because once they are gone it is nice to just remember the one and only cole or percy…not have to decipher which cole or percy we are remembering on any given day.
    the original aunty mary and eunice have passed on now and their unique to saints names belong solely to them…unless someone comes in already owning the same name.

  • Marianne says

    How about “Feleecity”? (Fleece-ity/Felicity)

  • Linda says

    How about “Woolamina” (like Wilamina).

  • Barbara says

    What about Barbara or Baaabs for short? Just kidding! 😉

  • Bridget says


  • Lenore Henry says

    So many great names but I am with Sharon – love the name Flossy!

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