Update on Animal Sponsorships

Posted: July 29, 2014 at 10:18 pm

Thanks everyone who has sponsored one of their favorite SAINTS animals.

I have listed all the names of the animals that reside at saints and the along with a name next to the animal if s/he has a sponsor. I have also created a link to the actual spreadsheet and people can download if anyone wishes to.

EDITED 8/01/2014 7:32 PM

W4W8 Animal Sponsorship

Name Species Sponsors
Jack Bird       Michelle
Paris Bird      Michelle

Bea Cat         Michelle
Chief Cat       Carla
Chloe Cat      Carla
Cindy Cat      Carla
Cocoa Cat     Carla
Conan Cat Karen N
Desi Cat           Michelle
Fairlane Cat     Erin

Fritz     Cat      Carla
Gabby Cat       Meghann
Gary Cat          Michelle
Geezer Cat      Carla
Jet Cat          Erin
Lily Cat         Christine
Mac Cat        Elisabeth
Maestro Cat  Audrey V
Marvin Cat     Tammy
Max Cat          Carla
Morgan Cat Karen
Mother Theresa Cat     Helga
Nacho Cat        Dionne

Poush  Cat      Audrey V
Rascal Cat
Rayven Cat     Helga
Sage Cat Karen
Sydney Cat Karen
Sunny Cat Karen
Tang Cat        Cathie K
Tigger Cat     Tammy
Tinsel Cat      Carla
Toula Cat       Christine
Tristie Cat       Curt
Whiggie Cat    Suzanne

Billie Chicken       Cathie K
Charlie Chicken   Cathie K
Jerome Chicken   Cathie K
Nugget Chicken     Dionne

Chevy Cow     Bunny / Brent
Emily Cow      Bunny / Brent
Joy Cow         Bunny / Brent

Adam Dog     Jamie
Andy Dog      Mo
Angel Dog     Carol Ann
Benny Dog    Lynn A
Boomer Dog     Janice D
Buddy Dog       Ann C
Capone Dog    Jamie
China Dog       Erin
Daisy Dog       Jamie
Darby Dog      Dionne
Diesel Dog      Alison
Dixi Dog Renee
Ewok Dog      Jenn
Gerty Dog      Renee
Jazzy Dog     Jamie
Jerry Dog      Laura
June Dog      Lynn A
Lola Dog       Erin
Luna Dog      Lynn
Marlin Dog     Meghann
Maxx Dog      Jenn
Molly Dog      Shelagh
Murphy Dog    Ann C
Mystic Dog     Lynn
Nicki Dog       Janice D
Oliver Dog      Elisabeth
Oscar Dog      Shawn
Owen Dog      Shawn
Pepper Dog     Alison
Puff Dog         Kevin
Phoebe Dog   Tammy
Robbie Dog    Jenn
Rudi Dog        Alison
Sparky Dog    Shawn
Squirt Dog     Brenda
Theya Dog    Shelagh
Tina Dog      Joan Mohr
Zues Dog     Lynn

Ziggy Donkey     Suzanne

Edwina Duck     Meghann
Floyd Duck        Meghann
Tiny Tim Duck   Meghann

Chewy Goat     Bunny / Brent
Doc Goat Carol H
Gilbert Goat     Bunny / Brent
Summer Goat Glenda

Dixie Horse     Mo
Raven Horse   Mo
Rudy Horse     Mo

Carl Llama     Janet N

Brad Pitt Pig     Dionne
Charlotte Pig Laura W
Ellie Mae Pig     Alison
Ginger Pig         Kevin
Gracie Pig        Janice D
Teddy Pig        Janice D
Toonie Pig       Janice D
Wilbur Pig Laura W

Amber Rabbit                      Johanna
Anthony Hopkins Rabbit     Penny
Bob Rabbit                          Sarah
Bonanza Rabbit                  Penny
Cinnabun Rabbit
Daniel Rabbit                      Laura B
Faith Rabbit
Fritz Rabbit
Hope Rabbit
Lincoln Rabbit                  Cathie K
Logan Rabbit                   Sarah
Ray Rabbit                      Penny
Spalding Rabbit
Steele Rabbit                  Penny
Sullivan Rabbit               Johanna
Treat Rabbit                    Cathie K
Trick Rabbit                    Cathie K

Annie Sheep        Christopher
Baby Sheep         Christopher
Dolly Sheep         Christopher
Elivira Sheep       Christopher
Alice Sheep         Christopher
Zoro Sheep         Christopher

Chris Turken Meghann
Tris Turken Meghann
Crosby Turkey     Cathie K

Sorry for the columns beings crammed together. I guess wordpress doesn’t convert excel easily. If you click on the link at the top of the page it will be easier to read.

35 Comments on "Update on Animal Sponsorships"

  • Elisabeth says

    I will sponsor Oliver (dog) as well as Mac (cat)

  • Janet Nicholson says

    Carl has had a sponsor for years – me!

  • suzanne says

    I’ll be pleased to sponsor Whiggie

  • suzanne says

    I thought Max cat and Tristie were spoken for yesterday… maybe I’m confused

  • Mo says

    Tina, Raven,Rudy,Dixie

  • Kevin says

    Forgot about Puff , I’ll sponsor him and Ginger

  • shelagh f says

    yes curt took tristie

  • laura b says

    I would like to sponsor a table on behalf of my Saints fosters and also sponsor my old friend Jerry.

  • M-J says

    Did we miss Alice sheep and Zorro sheep?

  • Mo says

    Better add Andy to my group…he & Tina are quite the pair now.

  • Dean says

    Pinky is not on the list:(

  • i will sponsor some animals that are not sponsored at the end. dam you laura you took jerry lol carol r u sponsoring any of your own or can i sponsor some of them. yes erin asked about fosters i imagine they r not being sponsored.

  • Sheila says

    I have updated the sponsorship to reflect the above posts. I don’t know who Pinky is I don’t know what specie s/he is. Can someone tell me.
    Also Puff Daddy and Pinky aren’t in the gallery for animals residing at SAINTS – for whoever updates the page animals residing at saints.

  • jamie says

    I see that both Ann & I are listed for Murphy. If Daisy is a Saints dog (thought she was Turtle Garden) I will sponsor her instead of Murphy.

  • Ali says

    I will add Puff To that gallery – and I see Kevin wants to sponsor him so I will sponsor Ellie instaed 🙂

  • Dean says

    I need to read things thru pinky has a very happy home…

  • Carol says

    hi dean and pinky!!! hope all is well with everyone. so nice to see your post here, pinky is a pretty special guy (sheila..he was the sweet little parapalegic daxi who chased balls in his little wheeled cart from a couple of years ago…too cute!).

  • Carol says

    was that a freudian mind slip kevin? i am ratting you oput to dear puff!

  • CC says

    Toula and Lily

  • Renee says

    I’ll sponsor Gerty

  • Christopher Stewart says

    I will be sponsor all the sheepez!


    ps. RIP Elizabeth.

  • JaniceD says

    In addition to Boomer & Nicki I’ll sponsor Gracie, Teddy & Twosie. What is the best way to send the $$?

  • michelle says

    I would love to sponsor the sheep – annie, baby, dolly, zorro, elvira, and alice

  • Penny says

    My daughter Sarah will sponsor two bunnies – Logan & Bob.

  • sheila says

    The are three ways to pay

    1. Use paypal or Canadahelps and leave a note saying it is a sponsorship
    2. Mail a cheque and be sure to mark on the check it is for sponsorship for W4W
    and mail to 15570 58A Ave. Surrey, BC V3S 4N8
    3. The volunteers can also leave payment by leaving payment in the safe (not sure how that system works though???)

  • michelle says

    I would love to sponsor Bea, Gary, Desi, Jack and Paris.

  • Curt says

    Cliff the Cat is no longer with us (he is on the list)

  • i will sponsor benny june luna and mystic i am thinking tammy will sponsor phoebe if not i will and i will also sponsor a table for 200

  • hell through in zeus for me too.

  • Tammy says

    Hey, damn right. If Phebes is up for sponsorship I’ll take her.

  • Penny says

    No-one else interested in sponsoring rabbits???? Poor bunnies – they are SOooo cute, guys!

  • Carla says

    I will sponsor
    Fritz the cat (not on list)

  • laura b says

    Penny is right the bunnies are sooo cute and need sponsors too….put me down for Daniel(rabbit)

  • Audrey V says

    Put me down for 2 cats–Maestro & Poush, if available

  • Penny says

    Who is Fritz – not a rabbit.

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