raveyn was euthanized yesterday

Posted: August 14, 2014 at 6:50 am

she had stopped eating and drinking. the vet said it was the kind time to let her go. she hadn’t been here for very long, just a few months. and despite her ancient and frail appearence, she was an incredibly strong and in charge of her life kind of girl. she had to be strong, life had not been kind to her.
rest in peace raveyn, you were a beautiful and fiesty old soul.

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  • laura b says

    Raveyn had a connection with a gentleman on one of my tours on the weekend….he was very drawn to her. So despite life not being kind to her, she reached out and was kind to others…..our Saints crew are such amazing teachers!! RIP sweet Ray

  • Penny says

    Raveyn was such a sweet cat, she deserved more than life gave her. At least she experienced love and caring at Saints for her last few months. Rest now, little one.

  • suzanne says

    what a beautiful girl! she looks like she had the “see right into your heart” kind of eyes. may her hereafter treat her more gently than her pre-saints life on earth did. RIP

  • AnnC says

    Sweet dreams little Raveyn.

  • shelagh f says

    last week when I was cleaning in the room, I had to move
    her a few times, and the third time I did, she said, excuse
    me, I think I have made it clear, this is my chair, and stop
    moving me. She bit my arm, which is still bruised, but I
    got the message. Rest in peace, you were a nice and
    fiesty cat.

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