Posted: August 18, 2014 at 8:38 am

gilligan had a great first full daints day…he ran around the field and pond, he goofed around out in the barn, he got along with everyone… ahhh a farm dog happy to be back and free on a farm….super nice dog.
he cannot even come close to holding his urine for more than a couple hours at a time so the flooding of house is a bit problematic. i really think i need to shift him over with the big dog room guys because then he can go in/out more on his own at least when one of us is on site without a 24 hour door man on call.

salem went home yesterday…this morning he is rolling around outside my gate. i guess he really did not dislike it here as much as he said! he actually lives across the street, he was a stray bush cat that michelle took in…he really does not like being confined. anyway i am really glad that while he hated being stuck in a cage over the weekend while michjelle was away…he does not hold a grudge.

penny has decided to take claire home as a permanent foster…yay penny, yay claire!!!!

i had an update on sparky…all is going really well and his new bulldog sister has taken him right under her wing. i bet sparky really likes that.

puff did really well with being back with us over the weekend…he did not turn into a dick head at all. since he was on his best behavior, i made sure that instead of just letting him out to go pee…i actually made myself take him for walks. i think he appreciated that.

mo said that dixie gave rio a good boot yesterday. i guess being OBSESSIVELY possessed as the NON-SHARABLE love of someones life eventually started bugging her. as a die-hard feminist i say…good for you dix…you are allowed friends and freedom in your life!

well…starting on my set of afternoon shifts this week..that might kind of suck.

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  • Tammy says

    Happy to hear about Claire, I know she will have a great place with Penny.
    Salem was a lovely boy. I loved staring at his pure black face and seeing his two white fangs sticking out of his mouth. Since I’m currently watching a vampire based show it did get to be a little creepy.

  • Erin says

    YAY for Sparky Spark Sparks! Lucky boy 🙂

  • Sheila… I’ve posted the money order via snail mail…3 p.m. today..to your place of business…Please let me know when it arrives…Thank You in Advance…Cathie K

  • laura b says

    Yippeee for Claire……thanks Penny 🙂
    Also that’s so awesome for Sparky, what a great pic of him and his sis!

  • michelle says

    Thank you so much to you all for caring for Salem while I was away!

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