Posted: October 5, 2014 at 7:56 am

marin says thank you for caring about us!!


great gala everyone! congrats to sheila and all who helped pull together or helped out at this massive yet very professional event…very well done!

i have no idea how much money was raised (sheila will let us know as soon as she gets it all figured out)…everyone was so very generous last night so i am hoping it was quite a bit (our current vet bills owing are around thirty thousand dollars so i am sure we made a pretty good dent in this!!) anyway. it was a great night and its greatness is going to make things a bit easier around here.

huge thanks to both the staff and volunteers….those that came to the event to give even more…those that stayed at saints and babysat our crippled crew so i could get out the door and those who found or provided auction items to help us get those freaking vet bills paid down. and huge thanks to our supporters who keep us propped up on our feet so that we can keep going year after year.

and in all honesty…as great as the night was..i am glad it is over…i hate dressing up and i pretty much suck at public speaking…but hey…my preferred flannel shirts and oversized T’s just do not quite cut it in fancy, up scale surroundings. there should be a finishing school for rescuers that teaches us how to be comfortable with these kind of things.


that new thirty six year old horse will be coming in the next month or so. she will be going straight into boarding because we have no room for here at home. the good news is both mo and i can easily visit and keep our eyes on her at the stable in maple ridge. it is not like we need or can afford this new added expense but whatever…it literally means her life to her so we will figure it out some way.

erin tells me that a new cancer cat is coming in from one of the shelters…her name is ash. not sure when she is arriving but it must be soon because erin already has a cage set up for her.
last night one of our shelter buddy managers told me about another icky messed up bulldog so she also might be coming here.

phoebe is turning the ancient old lady corner and this is freaking me out. i can not even imagine this world without our red whirling wonder so she better quit growing older and freaking me out.

heads up to todays volunteers..i will be gone in a few minutes and will not be back until almost noon. my family is meeting for breakfast in maple ridge to celebrate my daughters birthday.

last day of holidays…it has been a roller coaster kind of two weeks. i am glad to be back to work tomorrow because holidays are totally exhausting!

if anyone notices that i can no longer type the number is because tia ate it. but i am not replacing an entire keyboard for one missing key..i will wait until she eats a few more. when she collects up enough and poops them all out, i hope it will spell a real word. it will be the K9 version of Scrabble. but she should have passed on the number three because that key is useless to her being even more amazingly brilliant and possibly pooping a real word!

15 Comments on "BIG THANKS!!!"

  • Helga says

    I’ve got a keyboard left over from the yard sale if you want it.

  • Shawn says

    It was a great gala. Thank you to everyone for all their hard work! Carol, your speech was great ( as always).

  • nicolemc says

    can you call me later as im going to try and send more kennels to camÉ (i also canèt type a question mark) stupid HP keyboard.

  • Lenore Henry says

    Last night’s Gala was tremendous – ALL the hard work and effort everyone put in to make it so successful showed in so many ways….from the thoughtful table settings in tribute to past and present Saints animals, the beautiful and touching words spoken by Carol and Sheila, the heartwarming video, just to name a few, all contributed to making it a very memorable event. Thanks to everyone!!

    Lenore and Owen Henry

  • Michelle says

    Nicole mc. I think u just hit ctrl and shift at the same time to get rid of that.

  • sheila says

    We grossed $39,500 and netted $30,000!!!

  • Erin says

    WOW Sheila! Good job! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Ann says

    Wow!! Great work!!

  • jamie says

    OMG great job Sheila & team!

  • Leila says

    Carol, I loved your speech. It came from the heart. When you, Carol, talk from the heart, you share some very profound ideas about humans, about other animals and about our inter species relationships.

  • Brenda says

    That’s wonderful Sheila- amazing job

  • laura b says

    Awesome!!! Bye-Bye vet bill 🙂 Great gala…thanks so much to Shelia & Associates, along with our very generous supporters.

  • Emma says

    Sheila that is good news!

  • Christopher says

    Tia is smart. That 3 can be used as a M, W or E if you spin it around. Dog rules scrabble!

  • Meghann says

    Awesome, Sheila! I just wanted to reiterate what a great time it was, and how lovely the new venue was too. Thanks for all your hard work, ladies!

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