we lost wilbur today

Posted: December 16, 2014 at 6:57 pm

the xrays showed that infection had invaded the bones of his foot and osteomyelitis is so very, very painful and impossible to treat in a 600 pound pig. there are a lot of unhappy thoughts and feelings swirling around in my heart and head….mostly centered around regret.
but the 2 things that I know for sure are that kevin took wonderful care of Wilbur these past weeks…ensuring he got his antibiotics, pain meds and foot soaks..including coming in on his weekend days off to take care of Wilbur when I was at work. and I know that however difficult these past few weeks were for Wilbur…now, at this moment and forever… he is free of all pain and suffering.

I know the pope recently said that there is a place in heaven for all animals. and I hope there really is a heaven for all living creatures because this earth offers no comfort, no safety, no compassion, dignity or respect for millions upon millions of sweet, intelligent pigs like Wilbur..they live in hell from the moment of their births until the moments of their deaths.

rest in peace Wilbur..we saw you, we knew you and we loved you.

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  • Penny says

    So, so sad to hear about Wilbur. I hope you’re not beating yourself up about this, Carol. You did everything you could. Wilbur was one of the lucky pigs – he had a home, love and dignity. Rest peacefully, big guy.

  • Fiona says

    So sorry to read this, RIP Wilbur. He sure looked sore on the weekend, at least he is pain free now. You took good care of him Carol and Kevin. He will be missed.

  • Mo says

    So sad…will miss my morning greeting from him. Thanks Kevin for all your extra efforts to make him well…I am sure he understood and appreciated it.

    Sweet Sleep Wilbur..

  • Brenda says

    Very sad…but Wilbur did know love while at Saints.

  • Nicolemc says

    i’m so very very sorry.

  • Oh Carol and Kevin – I am so sorry to read about the loss of Wilbur – and he will wait for you in heaven with all the other animals. Wilbur was blessed to be loved and cared for with so much love.

  • shawn says

    So sorry for the loss of Wilbur…thank you Kevin for looking after him so well

  • laura b says

    Every area of Saints has such caring and loving staff…..in the barn area we are blessed to have Kevin such a dedicated young man….to him, Carol and the barn volunteers….sorry for your loss….RIP Wilbur

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