rescue is such a very long haul

Posted: January 10, 2015 at 5:39 pm

so i am over my momentary piss off..had some unexpected help at Saturday night barn bedtime which really was a treat! so nice to be finished early!!!

diesel went home on his trial adoption…all fingers and toes are crossed that this finally is the real and forever home of his dreams. I love diesel but he can at times be a challenging and a difficult dog so we will have to wait and see if this is a good match for him and for his new family.

the new 16 yr old cat is settling in ok…I have decided to call him sarge. his previous name was darby, but I think I would like to retire that name because of our broken hearts.

i know that i am supposed to be kind and patient and flexible and understanding 24 hours a day..i know that i am supposed to be a saint and be a perfect person who does everything in every right possible way. i get that is what is expected of me and that is what others need from me but it ain’t ever going to happen. i count myself lucky at the end of each day if A) we have survived and B) if i manage to actually drag myself out of bed the next morning to meet a brand new rescue day.

rescue is such a long freaking haul….the never ending journey….day after day.

methinks i need a cabin day.

4 Comments on "rescue is such a very long haul"

  • Dionne says

    I told Diesel on friday to be a good boy and listen. Hope it works out for him, he needs his own people.

  • Nicolemc says

    Fingers crossed for diesel. He’s such a sweet and weird little guy, here’s hoping it works out!!

  • Brenda says

    Sorry house folks: I have a miserable cold/flu bug that has knocked me off my feet. Hope to see you next Sunday.

  • Sheryl says

    Are there any results back yet on Phoebe’s blood work? Is she feeling any better?

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