TEDZ update !!

Posted: January 13, 2015 at 6:42 pm

Hi Carol,

Thought you would like an update on our boy Teddy. He has almost reached his ideal weight, down from 15.6 Kg to 8.6Kg! He is much more easy going now, although he still reacts to strangers.

He did get me one night, bit into my knuckle and six weeks later it is still healing. Not his fault, I got careless and startled him from a deep sleep.

I am attaching a couple of videos taken 9 months apart… you will love the latest one taken yesterday.

Hope all is well for you, and thank you for bringing this boy into my life.


Click the link below to see TED at the end of April:

Click the link below to see his incredible new video for 2015 !!

10 Comments on "TEDZ update !!"

  • Laura b says

    OMG ! Thanks so much Linda, this makes my heart smile πŸ™‚

  • Erin says

    O MY! He looks AMAZING! Good job Linda and family!

  • shelagh says

    that must be a body double, can’t be Teddy. wonder if he still
    barks if crated or contained, he apparently barked all the way
    on the plane, and certainly barked all the way from the
    airport out to Saints. Cam and her family will be so happy
    to see how well he is doing

  • Brenda says

    Tedz looks amazing!! What a difference. How wonderful to see him. Thank you.

  • jamie says

    Wow Teddy! Shows what finding your forever home can do. So happy & thankful for you and your family Linda.

  • Jenn says

    Wow! What an incredible transformation. Thanks for the happy tail update.

  • shelagh says

    Linda, i would love it if you could email Teddy’s fitness program.
    Theya and I are try to loose a bit of weight, but whatever you
    have done has really worked. It would be better for her arthritis
    if she lost a bit. hope you can let us in on your secret of what
    food he is on. thanks

  • Mo says

    WOW….simply amazing…he looks great and seeing him trotting along with you is great medicine for me today

  • shawn says

    Tedz is one of my favorites, he looks amazing! Thank you for such a good home and give him a little scratch for me!

  • Cam says

    TedZ. I cried when I watched him on that walk, and I’m not a crier. What a happy ending. Unbelievable. So grateful to SAINTS for accepting him into care!

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