update on doughy!

Posted: January 26, 2015 at 1:33 pm

HI Carol,  How are you?  Thought I would update you on Zoe (previously Doughie). She did hide for the first 8 hours after we got home, but then came out to talk with me.  I checked on her a couple of times and put food andw ater where she could see them, so I knew she was eating and drinking. She came to me when she wanted attention and then stayed under my bed or onder the cedar chest the first night. She is very talkative in the morning and likes to be petted.  She is eating and drinking well and using her box. I found a hollow hedgehog toy you can put catnip into that I gave to her yesterday and she is really liking that. She slept on the bed with me last night and I hardly knew she was there.  She does seem to be settling in.

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