Update on Zoe (formally Doughie)

Posted: February 14, 2015 at 3:02 pm

Hi Carol, I was reading posts on the saints blog and saw a request about a photo of Zoe here. Here is one of her just now. She has to keep away from me a bit still. She will come when she wants attention 🙂


5 Comments on "Update on Zoe (formally Doughie)"

  • Brenda says

    Love the name Zoe – much better than Doughie – nice pic

  • Tammy says

    Thanks for the update. I love to hear about the SAINTS in their forever home.

  • Mo says

    Sounds like Zoe has a smart Momma. Letting the animal chose to come to you is always the best bet. So happy she is safe & loved.

    Nice place too ! 🙂

  • Cam says

    Thank you for the update! I will pass this on to Laurie, who was her foster ‘mom’ in Terrace before she was transferred to SAINTS. So awesome that she was able to be pulled from Animal Control!

  • Laurie Taylor says

    I’m so very glad to hear Zoe is doing well and in a comfortable home, she is such a sweet girl and I think quite used to having her space and independence. Thank you for giving her these things thus her happiness. ❤❤

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