Dixon passed peacefully away today

Posted: March 3, 2015 at 6:55 pm

he stopped eating on sunday, no improvement on Monday. I took him into the vets and colleen helped him to peacefully pass away. it looks like his kidneys finally gave up on him. Dixon was a wonderful cat, strong and mighty, even at 20 yrs old.

he walked every moment in beat to his own internal drum.

I can’t imagine how he came to be homeless, I can’t imagine a family not turning over every stone to find him and bring him home. but his past life is a mystery to me, all I could see was this wise and wonderful cat who made a whole new world of staff and volunteers fall in love with him…he had charisma like that.

rest in peace Dixon, it was a long journey that you walked with great kindness and dignity. you filled our hearts with light and we will share that light with others when they need.


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  • Penny says

    No, not Dixon! We all loved him, he was such a sweet, sweet cat. We will all miss you, little one – the bunny room will seem empty without you. Run free now, without any pain – your beautiful personality will always be remembered.

  • Emma says

    My heart really hurts tonight… these last few weeks of having him up and around were so special.

  • Marta says

    Sorry to hear about Dixon he was such a sweetie and we all loved him .. I will miss our secret pats between the rabbit`s runs bars when he would come up for pats when i was in there with the bunnies. He loved to be petted.

    I will miss his pulling a Cliff and when you were trying to rinse the rabbit bowls out Dixon sticking his head in the water bucket.

    I will miss his always being underfoot no matter where you were he just wanted to be close to us and we all loved him for it.

    The rabbit room wont be the same without our dear.sweet boy. I hope your are pain free running around the other side of the rainbow bridge with Cliff and the Rock .

  • laura b says

    Yes, Dixon was an amazing cat…..so full of character and heart. His sweet little face and stiff walk always coming to say hello…will be very missed….RIP

  • Curt says

    What can I say that others haven’t. I loved the little feller, he reminded me of a doddering old man when he was shuffling about. He was always up for treats & brushes. Definitely left a mark with many people, including me! I admired his strength. Definitely not a Dixie (original name).

  • Mo says

    RIP Dixon..you were clearly loved and will be missed by all.

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