seely passed peacefully away…

Posted: March 26, 2015 at 11:26 am

the vet said I could bring her home again but at best it would only be for 24 hours..the tumor had grown significantly and was almost completely occluding access to her esophagus/airway. the risk in bringing her home was if that tumor grew even a tiny amount more, she would suffocate before I would be able to rush her into the vets.

this was a hard one because while we were discussing seely’s options, she was dancing around my feet, asking to go home….she was so bright and broke my heart but I just could not take the risk.


rest in peace dear seely, we only loved you for a very  short time but all of us did truly love you.

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  • Penny says

    Sweet little Seely, rest peacefully. I met her on Sunday and she was an adorable little dog who just wanted affection. Thanks to some kind people, and you Carol, she didn’t pass away terrified and alone at the side of the road. She felt safe and loved at the end. Wish she could have had more time to enjoy that.

  • Mo says

    Now that is just too sad …RIP dear sweet Seely.

  • suzanne says

    OMG she was adorable!! How on earth could no one have been looking for her? RIP sweetheart

  • Ali says

    Heartbreaking. That is the wonderful thing about dogs though…. they live in the moment. All it took was a couple of days of love and care to cloud whatever her past was. I wish we could live like that. RIP sweet Seely

  • Lenore Henry says

    Such sad news – our condolences Carol.

    Owen and Lenore Henry

  • shelagh says

    again, so sorry for the loss. you couldn’t let her
    airway occlude. as Penny said, at least she didn’t
    die alone and in distress

  • shawn says

    Thank you for letting her know love in her short stay with SAINTs….i am so glad she didn’t suffer alone and abandoned. Rest in peace sweetheart

  • Brenda says

    Very sad….sweet little thing. RIP Seely

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