vet updates

Posted: June 25, 2015 at 8:15 pm

babe ruth had his surgery, he ended up losing most of that ear. the vets will send the tumor off for pathology. hopefully it is nothing too aggressive. he is recouping at home.

poor little simon lost 30 teeth today (he has 2 teeth left)…the vet said his poor little mouth was the worst she has ever seen. the bones of his jaw are mush, his gums were filled with pus and he has 2 sinus tracts going up into his nasal cavities that probably will never heal. he had a GI bleedĀ  during surgery and his blood pressure dropped really low. this may affect his kidneys and throw him into renal failure. but the bottom line was, he had to have his mouth fixed because the pain was unbearable. hope floats he recovers well and has some decent pain free life left to live. he is on good meds to help him get thru this…antibioticsĀ and pain meds so fingers are crossed he heals quickly and well.

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  • Brenda says

    Omg, poor little Simon. So glad he had the teeth out, even tho there are risks involved, it had to be done. He is such a sweet boy,and hopefully enjoying a pain free mouth soon. Please heal Simon, and have some time to feel good and experience the love at Saints.

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