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Posted: July 8, 2015 at 6:56 am

EDITED AT 9:20 PM We Raised $4010

normally I don’t ask folks to donate specifically for an individual needy animal’s vet bill. this is for two reasons, one I don’t like exploiting sad/sick or injured animals for donations and two I believe we should be able to provide medical care thru with the help of unsolicited donations and our regularly held fundraisers.

but the main reason we are able to function this way is because our vets allow us to run accounts and pay our bills as the money trickles in.

however..occasionally an animal needs us and he or she comes in during a donation/fundraiser drought time like summer. and occasionally this animal needs medical care but at a different vet facility than we normally use. and occasionally the estimated cost at this time is a heavy burden to meet immediately, but the animal needs immediate care.

sooo…enter little broken dog, an unclaimed stray, found in a park with 2 broken legs. one is an old, untreated, badly healed fracture that require re-breaking and surgery so she can walk again. and the other fracture is new.

Abbotsford Animal Hospital is willing to help put this poor little dog back together with a more than generous discount..reducing her surgical costs from almost $7000 to $3500. it is anticipated that it will be a 7 hour surgery and both legs need to be fixed at the same time because one cannot currently support the other and she can’t walk. there will be weeks of non weight bearing recovery while she heals and returns to being an unbroken dog.


if you or your friends and family are able to make a one time small donation to help cover the cost..many small donations will add up together for helping this sweet little broken girl.


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  • Ali says

    Poor baby!!! $$$ coming through. Thanks to Abby animal hospital to cutting the bill in half.

  • Nicolemc says

    Once I’m home I’ll post it on Facebook and I’ll post the paypal donation link here (it’s also at the top of the page)
    If everyone can please try and share the post it would be lovely!!

  • nicoleMc says

    here’s her picture

  • Dayle Francis says

    If possible, I’d like to donate directly to the Abbotsford Animal Hospital as I loathe Paypal. Please let me know which veterinary hospital it is (I goggled it and there are a couple). Many thanks!

  • Carol A says

    Ah Sweet Broken Baby. (does she have a name yet?)
    Glad she found some loving arms to carry her.

  • Rebecca says

    People can be such disgusting monsters

  • Carol says

    hi is the one with Dr Taylor

  • Nicolemc says

    It is abbotsford veterinary hospital.

  • Barabara Tonnellier says


    Donation on its way in the mail to SAINTS, do not wish to use PAYPAL


  • Michelle F says

    How can I donate since I don’t do PayPal? Can I mail a cheque somewhere???

  • Barabara Tonnellier says

    Additional funds coming by mail to 33860 Dlugosh Ave Mission, BC V2V 6O2,
    please confirm that this is correct and also if this wee one has been given a name.


  • Barabara Tonnellier says

    Have just read the Facebook postings – $600.00 in the mail this week to you for this wee one, from the Facebook posting will put you over the amount you need.

    This is what we do in Rescue!


  • Carol says

    thanks so much Barbara…the $3500 was just for her surgery day..does not include her vet costs up til now, nor her pre op bloodwork or anything else that she may need like spay/dental/vaccines/physio et el before she is ready for adoption. as far as her name is concerned, I will call cottonwood vet clinic tomorrow and see what they have been calling her..they have been caring for her for the past week, doing the original diagnostics and keeping her comfortable until her transfer to abby vet for surgery. I am thinking they are probably already attached to her and have given her a name.
    and yes that is the correct address except it is V2V 6B2 for the postal code but it should find us anyway.

  • Carol says

    hi michelle, you can send a donation to
    33860 Dlugosh Ave
    Mission BC
    V2V 6B2
    and thank you so much

  • Michelle F says

    Thanks Carol and Barabara. It’s on it’s way!

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