rosie had her surgery…

Posted: July 15, 2015 at 7:26 am

they didn’t finish until after 9 pm last night! apparently the old fracture was a bugger to repair, the new one wasn’t as hard. I will give more updates as available..last night the surgical staff was most likely exhausted from the long operation.. but the bottom line is…rosie should heal well. HUGE thanks to Dr Taylor, Susan and all other staff at Abbotsford Vet hospital!!!!

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  • Mo says

    Yea for Rosie !! cant wait until she is all healed up and feeling great.

  • Brenda says

    Good news for Rosie…..and even better news that she arrives at Saints this week……let the healing begin

  • AnnC says

    Poor little love, that’s good news it’s over, let the healing begin, Huge thanks to everyone who donated for her surgery, the response was fantastic!

  • Lenore Henry says

    Great news for Rosie – now she can begin to heal and little does she know she will be arriving soon to a little peace of heaven – SAINTS!!

  • suzanne says

    she might benefit from the herb comfrey which carries the old-time name of “knitbone” because when used internally and externally it helps to “knit” broken bones back together

  • Barbara T says

    Miss Rosie:

    Our healing thoughts are being sent your way.

    Yes I can attest to the healing properties of the herb Comfrey, internally and externally. A good friend had knee surgery 7 weeks ago and she had used this herb,internally 2 months before and externally on the surgery site since and the healing has been extraordinary.


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