SAINTS animals all sponsored and going to the party!

Posted: August 4, 2015 at 10:18 am

Thank you so so much to Laura Cooper for taking the bunnies (with Penny’s help) and Christopher Stewart for sponsoring the sheep. And Michelle and Kathy O and Leila for sponsoring the birds. These guys often get overlooked and if it wasn’t for their human sponsors they wouldn’t be able to attend the fundraiser. And thank you to Nicole P for sponsoring the last 12 animals and ensuring that all the saints animals make it to the party.

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  • shelagh f says

    i will take Asha and Bud

  • Sheila says

    Thank you Shelagh

  • Agnes E says

    Sent paypal yesterday for Max and Sage

  • Sheila says

    Hi Agnes

    I apologize. I missed seeing your payment. Thank you!

  • Meghann says

    I’ll take Nikki and Morgan, Sheila.

  • Debra in Malaysia says

    I forgot, how much is it per sponsor?

  • Tammy says

    Could you please put Sandra Law down for sponsoring Maestro.
    I will be putting the money in the safe for her on Sunday.

  • shawn says

    We will take Nick as well…might as well make it an even number, plus I Love him!

  • Jenn Big Canoe says

    I just sent the money via paypal to sponsor Gary and Satchi

  • Sheila says

    The sponsorship is $25 per animal. Thanks everyone!

  • Ali says

    Put me down for Barky, bark, Brutus. 🙂

  • Sheila says

    Hi Alison. I guess I am not a good editor. Brutus got a sponsor. I deleted his name but forgot to click on the update button.

  • JaniceD says

    I paid for my table sponsorship today via Canada Helps 🙂

  • erin says

    Myrna and cocoa please 🙂

  • Nicole says

    ANnnnnddddd – Now I am confused. Damnit. I’ll sponsor whatever cats are left, if someone can just tell me who that’ll be. I will pay via Canada Helps once I know who / how much. Help?
    And if the goats and the horses don’t yet have sponsors, I’ll get them too. But really, it has been a long day, so please tell me the $ amount for what I have just committed to! 🙂

    Nicole P (PS – Bea and Rascal are doing great, they act like they own the darn condo, and they say HI!)

  • Sheila says

    Hi Janice. I saw your payment. Thanks. I will be in touch with you later to ask what pictures you would like on your table.

  • Curt says

    A friend said they would sponsor Jet if she is still available

    Will put money in safe for Tigger & Jet in the next few weeks :=)

  • Nicole says

    Okie, sent $ for Chief, Chloe, Cindy, Conan the barbarian, Duke, Fritz, Jet, Chewy, Doc, Summer, Rio, Dixie. 12 animals in total – $300 via Canada Helps.

  • Kim says

    Oh no am I too late? Is there anyone left that needs a sponsor?

  • Sheila says

    Hi Kim. I am sorry but all the animals are sponsored.

  • Carol says

    there is the new crippled dashshund who came in yesterday..i am going to call him kyle…he would like a sponsor.

  • Kim says

    Oh yes…I will sponsor him! Thanks Carol! 🙂

  • Curt says

    Nicole, Jet is accounted for, but I am sure she appreciates the attention of two :=)

  • Kim says

    Done! 🙂

  • do u have a picture of murphy for my table i know u have one of princess

  • Sheila says

    Hi Lynne
    I do have a picture of Murphy from last year. I also can go through the picture gallery on facebook to find a new picture of Murphy. Sheila

  • Nicole says

    Curt – HI hi! Lol, you must have been posting while I was fiddling with the Canada Helps page last night. I didn’t mean to seem to try and take Jet away! I am sure that Sheila can find another use for Jet’s double sponsorship. I am happy to have it go wherever needed! It can stay in reserve for any new animal that comes into SAINTS, or whatever works. 🙂

  • Barbara T says

    A truly great blog post and comments to read, all the Animals will be able to attend.
    Money in the mail today from us for the dogs sponsored and the table sponsor.

    How many tables still need to be sponsored?

    Barbara and A.W. McGarvey

  • Carol says

    there is a very old homeless cat with terrible teeth coming in tomorrow..Nicole, he/she will need a sponsor.

  • Sheila says

    hi Barbara

    Thank you for your donation. We have 15 table sponsorships and are looking for 10 more.

  • Sheila… Please I would like to sponser three more tables..Thus total of six thanks please reply….CathieK

  • Sheila says

    Oh my gosh Cathie you are amazing. Thank you!

  • Carolin says

    send my table sponsorship through Canada Helps this morning:)

  • Sheila says

    Thanks so much Carolin!

  • Nicole says

    Awwww, Carol – poor old kitty! I guess he/she might become a toothless wonder at some point! I’ll sponsor his spot at the party – will we be serving pureed and easy to chew foods? 😉
    Sheila – this works ok, right?

  • Carol says

    his name is squishtopher (big sigh..i might just call him squish)..owner deceased, ancient senior with very bad teeth.

  • Sheila says

    Yes nicole it works switching you from Jett to squishtopher

  • Linda Ciccozzi says

    Should there be more animals rescued by SAINTS, I would like to sponser one. Thanks…..

  • Carol says

    new one in today linda…she will need a sponsor…see todays post.

  • Wendy Scott says

    Hi Carol and Shiela
    I have sent my cheque for a table sponsor and would like to put Ewok in for that table with an additional $25 for Smokey in memory . Do you have any recent pictures of Ewok , how is she doing ?

  • Sheila says

    Hi Wendy. Thank you for your sponsorship. Jenn, our volunteer photographer, comes out every month and takes pictures of the animals and posts them on facebook. I will be picking 4 pictures of her. Did you want me to send them to you for approval first? I will let Carol answer as to how she is doing.

  • Wendy Scott says

    Hi Shiela,
    Yes that would be nice , thank you

  • Carol says

    ewok is doing ok…still perky and happy but her tumors are getting large, and she is slowing down…she is getting so old now. we have her on good pain meds and she was just at the vet for a chronic ear infection..the culture came back and she is now on the right ear meds now so hopefully it will finally clear up.

  • Wendy Scott says

    Thank you Carol for the update, I appreciate knowing and know that she is getting up there but know she is well looked after by you and Saints staff. Would love to see some pictures of her if Jen gets a chance . My sponsor cheque is in mail. Take care

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