Why SAINTS does What It Does

Posted: August 4, 2015 at 7:52 pm

SAINTS is so lucky to have Shelley Moore and Jennifer Sundram donating their talents.

If you liked this video please click on the share link on the side of the video. Just that one share is so easy and will do so much for SAINTS.

4 Comments on "Why SAINTS does What It Does"

  • Rae says


  • Fiona says

    Great video

  • Mo says

    Remember to share :-)…great video ..right at the end you can see Jesse’s butt in the background. I miss him

  • Sheila says

    Also if you shared the video from Tuesday night. It won’t work. Shelley did some adjustments and thus it has a new link. Please delete if your video has Shep showing and re share with the one that is posted now.


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