pray for our june-bug

Posted: December 6, 2015 at 10:34 pm

best friends

she is at emerg, bloat, partial stomach torsion, and possibly a tumor pushing and twisting her stomach as the original cause. if she survives tonight, tomorrow she will have ultrasounds and CTscans
to see if they can surgically fix this.

she is in the best of hands, the vets and staff are amazing.

3 am update…emerg just called…they have repeated her xrays and are preping her for emergency torsion surgery. he is not sure what else they will find in there and i have given them permission to make immediate life or death decisions based on her best interests once they see exactly what is going on inside of her.
i love you june.

4 Comments on "pray for our june-bug"

  • Brenda says

    Omg…what? Prayers assured Carol. Please be ok Sweet June.

  • Mo says

    Praying for good news..Everyone loves June and it simply cannot be her time…

  • Dionne says

    Glad you went with your gut feeling last night, be ok June.

  • Marianne says

    Oh my goodness – how quickly things can change! June was woofing a greeting at me yesterday and looked so well, and then hours later…. So grateful her plight was discovered so quickly. Sending healing thoughts to June, and a cyber hug to you, Carol.

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