saints foster patches has passed away

Posted: December 23, 2015 at 7:45 pm

with all of the hoopala of sad cassie and dumbo diesel over the past couple of days, i forgot to post the very sad passing of this sweet little girl.

patches and ewok came in with mammary tumors. when we removed them and sent them off for pathology, it was discovered the tumors were highly aggressive and malignant. they were both switched to palliative.
jamie and daryl have given these sweet little girls the home of their dreams. and patches has had the incredible gift of being able to end her life with not only great care and dignity but safe within the loving arms of her very own family.

i know jamie’s heart is once again broken..but those pieces of broken heart made patches life whole.

rest in peace patches, you were truly loved.
hugs to jamie and daryl.

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