Posted: May 4, 2016 at 12:30 pm

Submitted by volunteer Emma

Trick was one of my usual rabbits that I clean on Sundays, and since I hated seeing her as just one in a long list of sad updates, I thought I’d provide a quick note on what a lovely rabbit she was.
Trick was a super sweet girl. She was an ankle nibbler, and very much loved just sitting in her litter box. Not using it for its actual purpose, just sitting in it. She also had a serious love for carrot tops. Like, she would eat as many as you could offer. And if she saw you putting together a salad treat for another rabbit, she’d be right under your hands, standing up as tall as possible, waiting for you to offer a carrot top. Of course, since she was sick, she got as many as she wanted. She and Treat were one of the closest pairs in the Rabbit Room. The two of them were always forming a little yin yang, and I know that Treat is missing her terribly.
We’ll miss this quiet white rabbit!


7 Comments on "Trick"

  • Lenore Henry says

    That is a very sweet post Emma – rest in peace Trick.

  • Carol A. says

    Thank you Emma, for the great and personal picture you have given us of little Trick. From your words I believe she truly was both loved and loved. Rest softly little Trick you are missed.

  • Laura says

    Saints Rabbitat is home to our silent ones……but lovingly thru the eyes of their caregivers not unseen or valued…….RIP Trick

  • Brenda says

    So lovely Emma….thank you for this post. As someone who didn’t know Trick, I am touched by your insight into this sweet girl.

  • Marianne says

    Bless your heart for being such a generous carrot-top giver to little Trick. I am currently “babysitting” my daughter’s rabbit, Philhop, and know just how sweet these little bunnies are. (and Phil sits in his litter box just for the heck of it too) Today Phil will get a strawberry in memory of Trick.

  • alyson nerker says

    Thank You Emma for the lovely post script. As not all of us get to know each animal individually, so it’s nice to hear from someone sharing these words.

  • Linda Ciccozzi says

    Emma…I know it’s a few months since you wrote the lovely sweet post about the rabbit Trick. I will always think of her now when I see a carrot top. Thank you such elequintly written words describing your time with this bunny named Trick. RIP little one 🐾💕
    I didn’t know these posts were here….😜

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