ups and downs

Posted: May 6, 2016 at 9:53 pm

cassie went into permanent foster care with lynne…a happily ever after for a very sweet dog.

miley puked in her cone tonight..that was incredibly gross for both of us.

myrna went hypoglycemic and until i got her blood sugars back up, that was relatively frightening as i watched her scream and repeatedly lunge and fall over. she is ok now and believe it or not this may be good news.
sometimes cats who are exclusively on lantus insulin can actually reverse their diabetes and start producing their own insulin again. we will lower her dose and see how she does.

deedee and yuki are settling in…carl continues to stay far away from them…once spitten, twice shy.

shelby is doing really well being back at saints..we will probably be moving her from the mp building over to the house really soon.

coda’s abscess is not draining like it should despite several times a day flushings and oral antibiotics..i think she will be back at the vets by monday for further assessment.

it is as per usual here..some stuff going well..some not so good.

it is what it is and we deal with it…one step at a time in rescue.

7 Comments on "ups and downs"

  • Lynne arnason says

    Cassie is doing fantastic what a good sweet dog she is amazing I feel blessed to have her join my home

  • maggie says

    …once spitten, twice shy. HA! luv it 🙂

  • Curt says

    Hoping Myrna will produce her own insulin. She has had quite a rough life (sweet cat who deserves to be dealt a good hand for a change)

  • shelagh f says

    good for you, Lynne, though we will all miss the Walmart
    greeter, she was always hanging out in the yard waiting
    to meet anyone who came in

  • erin says

    Yay Lynne and Cassie!

  • Lenore Henry says

    That is such great news Lynne – Cassie has found the home of her dreams – now the spoiling can begin…..

  • Brenda says

    Yeah, match made in heaven for Lynne and Cassie!….Poor little Coda – hope the abscess starts draining and healing soon

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