our new sweet bag of bones

Posted: May 20, 2016 at 6:06 pm

we welcome laddy.
he is a skinny, weak and sick sweet old thing so off he went into the vets today..diagnosis…renal disease and pancreatitis. he should have stayed in the clinic hooked up to his iv but he pitched a big baby fit. so he is back home and i am now monitoring his iv. it wasn’t too bad while he was sleeping but now he is awake i have had to de-tangle him at least a dozen times so far. we are only a few hours into this and have 3 days and 5 and a half iv bags to go.
humans and iv’s are way easier. guess i am sleeping in the computer room for the next few nights.

re-hydrating him may or may not work to buy him a bit more quality time. he has been vomiting and has diarrhea so he won’t eat and feels crappy. hopefully the fluids and meds will work, we will see.
in the meantime, i am stuck to watching him and his iv.
i am the watcher, he is the watchee.

welcome laddie


2 Comments on "our new sweet bag of bones"

  • Carol A. says

    hmmm. and the better he feels, the more tangled he will br! I jope this laddy gets manu many days of ferling better imder your watchful and loving eye.

  • Debra in Malaysia says

    Beautiful boy..

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