Yard Sale Tomorrow:Note Cancelled if Raining

Posted: June 10, 2016 at 10:46 am


Title says it all. Hopefully Helga can come in later today and state if she for sure is cancelling.

3 Comments on "Yard Sale Tomorrow:Note Cancelled if Raining"

  • Helga says

    I’m still hoping Mother Nature will co-operate. Will decide tomorrow in the wee hours – 3 or 4 AM and will post then.

  • Helga says

    Yard Sale cancelled for June 11. Will re-schedule after Open House. I will just put out a few items today.

  • John says

    In a way I’m glad Helga. In the future when you reschedule I will have a ride and I will be able to buy more and thusly help SAINTS more.


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