10 Years of Wishes for Whiskers!

Posted: July 5, 2016 at 11:27 am

W4W 10th Invite_1

I am looking for silent auction items. Food, alcohol, and electronics seem to do the best. I already have a lot of art work so won’t be needing anymore than what I have.

Thanks Sheila

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  • suzanne says

    HI Sheila,
    May I please sponsor Ziggy? And I will send for another SAINT who might need a sponsor.
    Thank you,
    Suzanne Hawkins

  • Michelle says

    Hi Sheila. I can donate 5 batches of wine. Well gift certificates for 5 batches, that is.

  • Emma B says

    I just left a message with a couple of people about some entertainment this year. Will send you an email if I get a response.

  • jamie says

    Sheila I would like to sponsor chicklet & baby Jane (dogs) and nacho, William & Leo (cats). Hope it isn’t to early.

  • Brenda says

    Are you wanting the sponsorship names now Sheila? If so, Squirt for me….
    and LYNNE, count me in on a seat at the volunteer table, if you’re doing that again, as usual. Thanks

  • Helga says

    I’ll sponsor Me-Su (cat), Bob (bunny) and Logan (bunny)

  • Sheila says

    Thanks everyone. I was going to do a seperate post for sponsorship but so appreciate people already volunteering to sponsor.


  • Val says

    Hi Sheila,
    Could you post (or email) the details about this fundraiser when you know them? 🙂 I’ve never been but it looks fun!

  • Sheila says

    Hi Val. Tickets are $75 each and the event starts at 6 pm
    There is a silent auction , live ribbon auction and a vegetarian buffet (vegan options as much as possible)
    NAt Hunter of the nat and drew show wil be hosting. I will be posting about this event several times between now and sept 17th

  • Renee says

    Dale and I will sponsor Kyah and Simon!

  • sheila; Place me again this year for three tables plus Carl Elliot and his harem like always . Will as usual need amount . if I may sponsor any more let me know I’d be happy to add to the list… Thank You in Advance… Cathie K.

  • Tammy says

    I’ll sponsor Maestro and Sage.

  • Jenn k says

    I’ll sponsor Marin, Pete and Max please.

  • Lynne arnason says

    I will sponsor again mystic June brown buddy pepper pots boomer Luna and will sponsor a table with Cassie on it shall I try and get u a pic of her I will get together a sponsor table Brenda you r in for sure anyone else?

  • Dionne says

    I’m in Lynne. I’d like to sponsor Diesel, Donatello, Mick Jagger and Charlie.

  • Dionne says

    Charlie the rooster 🙂

  • Sheila ; Please I would also like to have or sponsor
    Dee Dee and her Bff… Again thank You in Advance… Cathie K

  • shawn says

    Lynne, can I be with you at your table? I will sponsor Oscar (of course) and llil Buddy, Thanks!

  • Curt says

    Chief & Chloe for me (or should I wait for seperate post)?

  • Sheila says

    Hi everyone. Just in case you are wondering.. I have read all the messages and will be marking all your sponsorships. Kathy I will email you. Thanks everyone for jumping in before I even needed to ask.

  • Michelle says

    Hi Sheila, can I please sponsor raven and mah and her babies, little bo and peep?? Thanks very much!!

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