Our 10th Wishes 4 Whiskers is coming up…

Posted: July 12, 2016 at 10:07 pm


1. I need silent auction items so if you have a gift that you have never used please consider donating to our event
Cat wine holder 2015 gala

2. Would you like to sponsor a favorite SAINT so he s/he can attend… donate $25 and a sponsored picture will grace someone’s seat at the eventPhoebe 2015 Gala

3. Like to do something even bigger. Consider sponsoring a table for $200
cocoa bear 2015 gala

4. Purchase your ticket here http://www.saintsrescue.ca/news-events/

PS I am really ticked that after 2 hours of trying to get my really fancy font to convert correctly when I converted the poster from pdf to jpeg – I had to give up. And now I have to make due with a plain jane font.

9 Comments on "Our 10th Wishes 4 Whiskers is coming up…"

  • shelagh f says

    sounds serious, but I have no idea what you are talking about
    with your font problem. (spoken as a definite member of the no
    tech group.) poster looks good to me.

  • suzanne says

    Hi Sheila,
    did you transfer the list of sponsor requests from the first announcement? If not, may I please sponsor Ziggy?
    Thank you

  • Val says

    Can I sponsor Chewy & Mable (goats)?

  • sheila says

    Yes to both Val and Suzanne’s questions.

  • Helga says

    Now that Bob has been adopted can I have Nacho instead? It was Me-Su, Bob and Logan. Make that Me-Su, Nacho and Logan

  • jamie says

    Hi Helga, if you were meaning Nacho orange cat in the house. I have requested sponsoring him.

  • sheila says

    I believe more than 1 person can sponsor an animal. Oops sorry this Leila accidentally posting under Sheila’s name. We have put more than 1 name on a card or I can make up 2 different cards with different pictures.

  • Bob Prior says

    How do we go about being a sponsor?

  • Sheila says

    Hi Bob For a animal sponsor you can name the animal you want to sponsor here and or email me at events@saintsrescue.ca This is the process you can go through for a table sponsorship also. To pay – you can mail a check or (as a volunteer) can leave a check or cash in the safe in the house or you can use paypal and leave note that your payment is a sponsorship.


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