Table and Animal sponsorships for W4W

Posted: July 26, 2016 at 10:44 am


Every year we try to incorporate the animals into our fundraiser and so we have the animal sponsorships. Whichever animal gets a sponsor for $25 gets to attend the event by having his/her picture at a table. Your name will be added to the card as a sponsor.

Please note that the animals listed below HAVE sponsors
Boomer, Brown Buddy, Chewy, Chief, Chloe, Cricket, Diesel, Donatello,June, Kyah, Laddie, Logan, Luna,Mabel, Mah, Little, Bo, Peep, Me-Su, Mick Jagger, Mystic, Nacho, Pepper Potts, Sage, Simon, Squirt, William, Ziggy, Max, Clementine, Sailor Bob, Salty, Bonanza, Marin, Steele, Ray, Baby Jane, Leo, Raven, Carl, Oscar, Emily, Charley (dog) Charley (Rooster), Treat, Maestro, Coda Bear, Poppy, Agnes, Cheyenne, Robby, Elvira, Edith, Boots, Squishtopher, Miami

The table sponsor is $200 and whatever picture you pick (be it your own or one of the SAINTS residents) will grace the center of the table


We have 20 tables (HOPEFUL) and I already have 7 tables sponsored so looking for 13 more sponsorships.

You can post here – or if you prefer – please email me at

Thanks Sheila

26 Comments on "Table and Animal sponsorships for W4W"

  • sheila says

    I just noticed I left out Chevy on the list. Oops. If anyone sees any errors on the spreadsheet please let me know. Sheila

  • Penny says

    I’ll sponsor Ray, Bonanza & Steele (bunnies).

  • Sheila says

    Hi Penny
    Bonanza already has a sponsor. Would you like to pick someone else to replace him.

  • michelle says

    Hi Sheila, Can I also sponsor Raven, the black beauty??

  • Lydia says

    I think this event sounds awesome. Hope there’s a great response. You guys are great.

  • Sheila says

    Yes Michelle you can.

  • Willie C says

    I would like to sponsor Emily the Cow and Carl the Llama – I’ve kind of forgotten how to send the money so it is flagged for this event through Canada Helps?

  • JaniceD says

    Could I please sponsor Coda Bear & Poppy? 🙂

  • Penny says

    Yes Sheila, I’ll sponsor Treat as well, if Bonanza is already taken.

  • shawn says

    I will sponsor Oscar (of course) and Charlie if Alyson hasn’t already ☺

  • Sheila says

    Hi Willie. It isn’t flagged but you just need to leave a note that the money is for gala sponsorship. Sorry but Carl has already been sponsored.

  • jamie says

    Hi Sheila I thought each saint could have more than one sponsor as preciously mentioned.

  • jamie says

    I am not able to open the list. Hope that it shows that I am sponsoring Chicklet (dog). These guys are on the list above (thanks) Baby Jane & Nacho, William & Leo (cats).

  • alyson nerker says

    Hi Sheila, I’ll sponsor Chicklet. I was going to do the pair, Chicklet and Charlie, if Shawn hasn’t already sponsored Charlie 🙂

  • Sheila says

    Hi Alyson and Jamie

    I goofed. For some reason I keep renaming chicklet to cricket. If you are both fine with it I can two cards for chicklet and you can both sponsor her.


  • Linda Ciccozzi says

    Hi Sheila, I’ll sponser Elvira, Edith, Cheyenne, Robby…..I can’t help it. I wanted to sponser Chicklet and Charlie originally. I see they are very popular. Alyson and I have loved those two since they arrived together.
    That’s all for now. Thanks 🐾💕

  • Songmi says

    Sheila, I will sponsor Elvis and Nicki.

  • Curt says

    When did I become Ogden?

  • Renee says

    Sheila can it say on mine that it’s me and Dale Korody that are sponsoring Kyah and Simon? Thanks!

  • Willie C says

    Okay Sheila, I paid the money to CanadaHelps – adding a message for Emily the Cow to be at the table. . .Thank you!

  • Joan Mohr says

    I would like to sponsor Whiggy, Patches, and Spencer.
    I have donated via PayPay.

  • Curt says

    Jet for Pat Murphy again please. That is if no one has her yet :=)


  • Carla says

    I would like to sponsor Cindy cat, Cleopatra cat, Cocoa cat, Fritz cat, Geezer cat,
    Morgan cat, Myrna cat, and Lucy cat. Is it ok to drop a cheque this weekend at Saints?

  • Sheila says

    HI Carla You can drop the check off on the weekend. Just mark the envelope with Ann Cording and also animal sponsorship. The check goes into the safe in the front entrance where Stella’s bed it.


  • Lynne arnason says

    You have me down for a table with my sweet Cassie also is brad Pitt still needing to be sposored

  • Sheila says

    I do have you down as a table sponsor Lynne. All the animlals have sponsors

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