quickies..i am tired!

Posted: August 6, 2016 at 8:28 pm

boots is holding her own. still being syringe fed. she goes back to the vet in a few days and depending on her blood work liver values, we may try her without feeding for a day and see if she eats on her own.

miami is sick but better today. she ate a little bit on her own.

edith is still a diabetic walking nightmare…still struggling to get her blood sugars under control.

summer still has a sore leg and her chronic mastitis is acting up again.
hah..that was 4 ‘still”‘s!

one of my own dogs pooped out a large red piece of cloth…haven’t a clue who that dumbo is but whoever it is..please do not eat cloth!

we are currently moving saints from a paper based records system to a computer based system…anne and her daughter set it all up and now we are adding each animal’s unique info…it will be a ton of work. so far i have gotten thru the shelter animals A, B and C…just 23 more letters in the alaphabet ie about another 90 animals…i am so not computer loving so feel free to shoot me!

elvis is calling, i guess i am supposed to go to bed now..yay.

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