let me in!!!!

Posted: August 17, 2016 at 7:08 pm

sometimes homecoming sucks.

i was really tired after a long work day with sick calls. had to stop at london drugs to pick up meds for cindy but i didn’t want to stop at london drugs, i just wanted to get home!

but i did it..she needs the meds so i put on my big girl pants and just freaking stopped and did it.

i really need gas for work tomorrow but i just couldn’t do that too. i needed to get home as soon as i could. i will get gas on the way to work tomorrow.

anyway, i made it home but i couldn’t get into the house..this place was locked up like freaking fort knox and the battery was dead on the door lock so i couldn’t get in.


obviously i did make it in with my arm and hand scratched and bleeding to shit, i had to cut thru the fencing wire on the door between my bed and TV/dog room because it was secured with a clip.

i will most likely now end up with tetnus and die of lock jaw but i am so tired i really don’t care.
home is where the heart is and today my tired little heart REALLY needed inside the door!

4 Comments on "let me in!!!!"

  • sheila says

    okay just read this now after phoning you. It is funnier because I just phoned you and didn’t know this happened.

  • Laura says

    OMG how does shit like this happen to you? The dogs must have been freaking out wondering why weren’t coming in. Funny reading but not fun for you.

  • Emma B says

    Is it ok that I laughed??!

  • Linda says

    I think those locks also come with a key for backup for times like this. Maybe get a few copies made and put one on your key chain.

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