a rescue creed

Posted: September 20, 2016 at 7:30 am

good rescues don’t have to hide their locations.
they don’t need to protect themselves from their neighbors view.
good rescues don’t have the authorities after them and spotlighting them on the six o’clock news.

good rescues are not misunderstood.
nor are they a victim of unfair persecution.
good rescues are 100% transparent and open 24/7 for any inspection.

making excuses for rescue gone bad
is supporting and promoting animal abuse.

5 Comments on "a rescue creed"

  • Owen says

    Well said Carol.

  • Cathy says

    Definitely looks like this person was way, way, way in over her head. Dead animals on the property. My God.

  • Sheila says

    It is very disturbing to me that “rescue” so often are the abusers. Regulation needs to start with who is allowed to practise the profession first. To have a body that oversees it isn’t enough in my opinion. In no other charity do I see such damaged people having such control. It is why most rescues don’t get past being grass roots organization because to put it bluntly there are so many that start off being bat shit crazy and then go even more crazy when they get overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is not an excuse for criminal behaviour because if we allow this to be an excuse nothing will ever change for the better

  • Fiona says

    Yes, well said Carol

  • Judy L Pieschel says

    Worst thing about this person and her “rescue” is that she has been doing this for years. When we lived in Bby she was investigated and had animals taken from her continuously. We witnessed many abuses as we lived near one of her hovels. My husband had spoken to her about her neglect and treatment of animals. She was totally off the wall with delusional accusations and preaching the bible. She loves the confrontation. A judge had ruled her a hoarder. How is it that she can continue to do this? Those poor animals. How many have suffered at her hands:(

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