quick updates

Posted: October 10, 2016 at 7:32 pm

note to myself: never try to lift and reposition cheyenne without the lights on…i will leave it to you to guess why.

zen is back…he was acting out and attacking satchi in jealousy because said german pincher is a neurotic/anxiety ridden, piss ant who did not want to share.

we had a super nice stray dropped off today. wish we could keep him but he has to go off to animal control so his family can find him.

laddy is not doing well today..he is off eating again and very weak. i think we are reaching his end of the road.

keats is doing great! he has moved into the house and claimed a bed…yay keats! such a very sweet old boy.

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  • shelagh f says

    Keats looked pretty cozy out on a bed, on the porch with a nice fleece
    wrapped around him. Looked like he had died and gone to heaven. Nice
    dog. Another nice new guy, is Sid, what a sweetheart. Guess the right
    people wouldn’t be looking at the New West Pound. they could see he
    was a great little guy. The yorkie Tink, also seems much calmer and more
    interested in things. We have a nice new bunch of dogs. Wish I could
    take more, ( wouldn’t Dora have a stroke!) Laddy did get up a few times
    to see what was going on, but he is looking pretty thin and tired.

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