a couple of things…

Posted: October 25, 2016 at 7:32 pm

dawn’s foster tristie is not well. she is in at the vets.
robbie’s back is bugging him again, he is back on meds and confined in an xpen to rest.
summers knee is bugging her again…might be the change in the weather.
geezer has decided to brave the kitchen for the past couple of nights..he likes the cold, fresh milk that appears whenever he shows up.

i am looking for a clean, single bed. i am going to be up front here..i live in terror of bed bugs so will only accept a donated one from someone we know.
i need the bed because elvis got totally ripped off when zen and daisy moved in..he no longer gets his bed snuggle time and it is making him sad. i think i can squeeze a single bed into robbie and crew’s room and then i can grab elvis here and there to make his dreams come true again!

also, we have those 2 new dogs flying down from yellowknife on monday. i will have to take in the van to fit both of the crates. but A. i need someone to go with me because i cannot lift big dog crates filled with big dogs by myself..and B.. in case i don’t get home until late..it is halloween which is the absolute worse night of the year for shelter dogs due to the fireworks. so i will need someone capable of managing the dogs on halloween until i get home…and to be blunt, but more importantly….. clear…by capable i mean following my exact directions to a T…no improvising, changing the rules or cutting corners. my goal is ensuring none of saints dogs get loose and die on halloween.
my least favorite night of the year.

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